Each piece of Acos Handcrafted Jewellery is designed and created by Joan Charalla, an artisan based out of Saskatoon, Canada.  Joan was born in the small Quechua village of Acos, Peru, a place where natural beauty has inspired artistic traditions for millenia.  In his teens, Joan lived in the urban centre of Lima, where he learned filigrana, a traditional form of jewellery making that involves weaving and twisting metals.  In learning this ancient technique, which  is  now largely practiced by an underground culture of nomadic jewellery makers, Joan's world expanded even further and he was presented with opportunities to travel.  Inspired by new places, people, and traditions, Joan was able to see much of South America through selling his art.  Eventually, he decided to expand his techniques by studying formal jewellery design in Argentina.  Though new people and places will continue to inspire, Joan always returns to the place of his birth for grounding and artistic inspiration.  Joan is currently enjoying the beauty of Saskatoon with his Saskatchewan-born wife. 



Let us know exactly what you're looking for and we'll make it for you!  Joan uses a variety of techniques and materials.  We can adapt designs based on your style and budget.  

Joan's primary technique is filigrana (also known as 'filigree'), which  involves braiding, twisting, and shaping metals with hand tools.  Lost wax (the art of carving a design in wax then converting it to silver) and soldering techniques can also be used for custom designs.


For metalwork, choose from 950 sterling silver or (the more economical options of) german silver, copper, or bronze.  Leather, wood, macrame string, and other recycled materials are also available.

Personalized Design

Work with Joan to create a new idea from scratch or modify an existing design.  Any aspect of any piece of jewellery can be modified or completely changed.  




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